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DopplePaymer Commercial Development Company, Inc.

2020/04/04 15:45:03


Nefilim Cosan. Part 2.

2020/04/01 20:55:12

We hope that one of our leaks will shine light on how unethically Cosan treats their labour. list_files_COSAN_leak_part2.txt
COSAN_leak_part2.7z On 31 December Cosan was included in the Brazilian Labour Ministry’s slave labour ‘dirty list’ after an inspection in June 2007 by the country’s anti-slavery task force, the Special Mobile Inspection Group, rescued 42 people from Cosan’s Junqueira refinery. The refinery in São Paulo State produces 24,000 bags of sugar and a million liters of ethanol a day. The enslaved workers had been trafficked from north east Brazil, the poorest region of the country, with false promises of a good job and decent wages. Inspectors found workers were left unpaid after deductions were taken from their wages for rent in unhygienic lodgings and for basic necessities, including protective hats. The workers, which included one minor, did not have proper contracts and were left without clean drinking worker. The slave labour ‘dirty list’ is updated every six months and includes companies where slavery has been uncovered by the inspectors. Companies are kept on the list for two years, during which time they are unable to receive public funds and even some private banks will refuse them credit. Those on the list automatically have their business dealings suspended by companies that have signed Brazil’s non-slavery commitment. If you do not agree with slavery contact these people who are directly responsible for it.
Marcelo Rebelo Besteiro
Human Resources Director
[email protected]
Telephone Number: (11) 9.5617-6404 Elisangela Ferreira Martins
Human Resources Director
Telephone Number: 11 4504-5038 / 70 112 5038
[email protected]
Home Phone: 11 3325-6353 / 70 111 6353
Mobile: (11)9.9201.6000 Marcos Marinho Lutz
[email protected] Paula Carvalho Benevides
Vice President
Telephone Number: (11) 4504-5015 / (11) 9 7573-5912
[email protected]
Mobile: (11) 9 7573-5912 Ricardo Lewin
[email protected]
Telephone Number: (11) 3897-9827 / Secr (11) 3897-9845

DopplePaymer Kimchuk Inc.

2020/03/25 17:31:55


Nefilim Cosan. Part 1.

2020/03/20 11:00:24

A Brazilian billion dollar corporation that does not value it’s stakeholders, partners and clients. Here is the first part of the data that was downloaded from their network.
COSAN_LEAK_part1 Cosan is a public listed company, a Brazilian conglomerate producer of bioethanol, sugar and energy . The company operates in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and United Kingdom. Cosan has a Joint-Venture with Royal Dutch Shell, Raízen that merged their operations of sugar, ethanol and the distribution and marketing of fuels in Brazil. It formed the third largest distribution company in Brazil and the world’s largest bioenergy operation. The company is valued at US$12 billion. www.ir.cosanlogistica.com
Traded as:
B3: CSAN3,
Ibovespa Component Cosan’s negligence in cybersecurity allowed us to breach their network and freely roam in it for months. Cosan’s inability to negotiate on behalf of their stakeholders and partners including their subsidiaries (Comgas, Raizen, All logistica) has lead to this leak. It seems that they don’t value their PR image and the trust of their shareholders, clients and partners. Here is the first part of the data that was downloaded from their network.

Nefilim Aban Offshore. Part 1-3.

2020/03/20 04:03:22

This will be the first part of their data which will be leaked.
AbanLeak_part1 AbanLeak_part2 AbanLeak_part3 Aban Offshore (formerly Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore Ltd.), is India’s largest offshore drilling services provider to oil companies, mainly for ONGC. It is now ventured into international waters as one of its five rigs is doing work for an Iranian oil company. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
Traded as:
(BSE: 523204) The group has also ventured into construction, offshore and onshore drilling, wind energy and power generation, Information Technology enabled services, hotels and resorts, tea plantations and in marketing. This will be the first part of their data which will be leaked.
AbanLeak_part1 AbanLeak_part2 AbanLeak_part3

DopplePaymer Hot Line Freight Systems

2020/03/15 07:46:08


DopplePaymer Empire Communities Corp.

2020/03/14 08:32:13



2020/03/08 01:23:08


DopplePaymer Community Development Bank

2020/02/27 22:29:53


DopplePaymer Furniture Row & Visser Precision (Tesla, Boening, Space-X, Lockheed Martin..)

2020/02/26 19:08:56